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Baptist Tradition at the Crossroad

PATEFO was founded in 1999 by a group of European and North American Baptists, pastors and laypeople, who are concerned about the sacrifice of Baptist Distinctives in the rush for popularity and cultural assimilation among the Baptist Unions of Europe and elsewhere.

The goal of the participants in PATEFO is to seek to live responsible Christian lives, in faithfulness to Jesus Christ, and to historic Baptist Distinctives.

It encourages free and open discussion of crucial matters of faith and practice in the modern age. To this end it encourages open communication among the participants on subjects of interest and concern, and every two years holds its conference at a suitable place in the Czech Republic. PATEFO 2002 is being prepared.

PATEFO is based in Prague, Czech Republic, and is sponsored by Pancrac Baptist Church. It invites all with similar concerns to contact
Pastor Ladislav Meckovsky Th.Mgr.,
14 Na Topolce,
Prague 4,
14000 Czech Republic


Click here for Conference Papers 2000