Ray Hobbs's CV
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Place of birth: Pontypridd, Wales, U.K. (January 31, 1942)
Citizenship: Canadian

Educational background:
1953-1958 King Edward VI Grammar School, Totnes, Devon.
1962-1966 Spurgeon's College, London: University of London
1966-1969 Baptist Theological Seminary, Rüschlikon, Switzerland.
1967-1969 University of Zurich, Switzerland.
1972 University of London.
1990 Continuing Education course in 'Organizational Behaviour' as part of
the McMaster Certificate in Management Studies. Passed with distinction.

B.D. University of London (1966)
M.Th. Baptist Seminary, Rüschlikon (1968)
Ph.D. University of London (1973)

Pastoral experience:
1964-1966 Pastor, Seer Green Baptist Church, Buckingham, England.
1968 Summer pastor, Rüschlikon Baptist Church, Switzerland.
1969-1970 Interim pastor, First Baptist Church Beamsville, Ontario.
1970-1972 Interim pastor, Olivet Baptist Church, Toronto, Ontario
Since 1969 Regular preaching in Convention and other churches, leading of Bible
studies, workshops, lectures etc.
Recent preaching in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Teaching Experience:
1968-1969 Teaching Fellow in Old Testament, Ruschlikon.
1969-1970 Lecturer in Biblical Studies, McMaster Divinity College.
1970-1974 Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, McMaster Divinity College.
1974-1978 Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, McMaster Divinity College.
1978-1995 Professor of Old Testament Interpretation and Hebrew, McMaster Divinity
College; Honorary Member of Faculty of Theology, McMaster University.
1996-1998 Professor of Old Testament, International Baptist Theological Seminary,
Prague, Czech Republic.

Teaching Awards
1993 Certificate in recognition of 'teaching excellence and outstanding contribution to undergraduate education', from the McMaster Student Union. Basis for award was for teaching in Religious Studies.

Special Papers, Lectures etc. (selected)

2000 ‘The Political Jesus: Discipleship and Disengagement’ Paper delivered at the Annual Meetings of the Context Group, portland, Oregon. March 16-20.

‘Community and Structure in Baptist Life’ Lecture delivered at the inaugural Vernon Rushton Luncheon, Atlantic Baptist Fellowship. April 8, Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

‘Conscientious Objections: Thoughts on Living as a Baptist in the Twenty-First Century’, Lectures delivered at the Spring Meeting of the Gathering of Baptists, Toronto, April 29.

1999 'The Politics of Jesus Revisited' paper presented at the International Conference
of the Context group, Tutzing, Germany, June 25-27.

'Creative Adult Bible Study' Workshop at the Small Church Conference, Sept.

1998 'Women in Ministry: Hermeneutical Considerations', a paper presented at
the Annual Conference of Czech and Slovak Baptist Pastors, June 6-8.

'The Small church as a Place of Health and Healing', and 'The Small
Church Church at Risk', papers delivered at the Third Annual Conference of the Small Church, Aurora, Ontario. Sept. 25-26.

‘Introduction to the Bible’ Inaugural series of lectures at the MacNeill Lay School of Theology, Hamilton, Ontario, Sept-Nov.

1997 'Soldiers in the Gospels: A Neglected Agent' paper presented at the
International Conference of the Context Group of Biblical Scholars, Prague, May 21-24.

Lecturer in Old Testament at the International Conference on Union Ministry (with fifty representatives from Finland, Wales, and Estonia), Prague, Czech Republic.

1996 'Curriculum: Contributions from Theological Disciplines: Old Testament' Paper presented at the Bi-annual meeting of the conference of the European Baptist Theological Teachers, IBTS Prague, June 27-Jul 1, 1996.

Lecturer in Old Testament at the S.I.T.E programme (Seminary Institute in
Theological Education), IBTS, Prague. The Institute was composed of forty pastors and lay workers of churches in eastern Europe. July 6-26.

1994 'War Language in the New Testament: Exploration of a Model' presented at the annual meetings of the Context Group, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, June 26-July 1

'Megiddo in History and Myth' presented at the Annual Meetings of the Social Science and History Association, Atlanta, October 4-6.

1993 'Abuse as Seen and Addressed in the Bible'. Conference held at McMaster
Divinity College on 'Abuse: A Christian Response', Oct. 21-22, 1993.

1992 Guest speaker at annual meetings of the Atlantic Baptist Fellowship. Assigned title of lectures 'Baptist Theological Education: Is there a Crisis in Canada?' May 28-29.

1990 Lecturer in Spring at Hamilton Lay School of Theology. Theme 'Into a Far
Country: Cultural Contexts of Biblical Writers.'

Visiting lecturer at Vancouver School of Theology Summer School (July).
Graduate course on Mediterranean culture as background for Bible.

Paper distributed for conference on 'Freedom and Diversity in Baptist Life',
Hamilton. Theme 'Prophets as Voices of Dissent'.

1989 Paper delivered at the Third Conference on Mission and Evangelism, McMaster
Divinity College, (Sept.) Theme 'Crossing Cultural Barriers: the Biblical World'.

Paper delivered at Symposium on the Military Ethic in Ancient Society, sponsored by McMaster History Department, Classics Department and Centre for Peace Studies. (Nov.) Theme 'Militarization in Israel's Early Monarchy'.

1988 Paper delivered at the meetings of the Canadian Society for Biblical Studies,
Windsor (May). Theme 'The Fortresses of Rehoboam'.

1987 Paper delivered at Hamilton Theological Fellowship (Jan.) Theme 'Recent
Trends in Old Testament Studies'.

1986 Series of three papers delivered at B.U.I.L.D., Toronto. Theme 'The Biblical
Understanding of Urbanization'.

1984 Paper delivered at Annual Meetings of the American Schools of Oriental Research,
Los Angeles, CA. Theme 'Teaching the Old Testament'.

1983 Paper presented to the Joseph Brant Archaeological Society, Feb. Theme 'A
Tale of Two Cities: Jerusalem and Caesarea Maritima'.

Lecturer (Spring) Hamilton Lay School of Theology. Theme 'Holy Land:
Land of Promise?'

1980 Paper delivered at Canadian Society for Biblical Studies, Quebec City, May Theme '2 Kings 1-2: Unity and Purpose'.

Respondent to paper presented by Dr. William Hull on 'TheChild and the Church' at BWA Assembly, Toronto.

1977 Paper presented to BWA Commission on Doctrine and Inter-church Co- operation, Miami. Theme 'Revelation as Given' (June).

1975 Theme speaker at BWMS Convention, Windsor, May.

Bible study leader, Annual Assembly BCOQ, Toronto, June.

Bible study leader, Baptist Men's Convention, BCOQ< Guelph, Sept.

1973 Lecturer, McMaster Lecture at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto. Theme 'Foundations of New Testament Theology'.

1970 Divinity Day lecturer, McMaster Divinity College. Theme 'Tradition and
Interpretation of the Exodus.'

Throughout my career at McMaster I have been a guest lecturer, Bible study leader at numerous sessions of Convention and other churches, and other religious groups. Included are Highland Baptist Church, Kitchener; Olivet Baptist Church, Toronto; First Baptist Church, Stratford; First Baptist Church, Thunder Bay; The Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton; Synagogue Anshe Sholom, Hamilton; The Rotary Club of Dundas; The Newcomer's Club, Burlington, Five Oaks
Retreat Centre, Paris, Ont..and the Professional Business Association of Dundas. I have also conducted several workshops on 'Biblical Backgrounds' at the College and at various churches.

Society memberships
Society for Old Testament Studies (UK).
Canadian Society for Biblical Studies.
Society for Biblical Literature
Society of Ancient Military Historians (International)
Society of Ancients

Instructor and leader of McMaster Study Tours of Middle East since 1974.
Director of Canadian Tel Dor Archaeological Project, 1986-1990. Five seasons excavation at Tel Dor under the direction of Prof. Efraim Stern, Hebrew University.
Director, Messecar Centre for Biblical Backgrounds.
Editor Theodolite, McMaster Divinity College, 1978-1989.
Old Testament Editor of International Theological Studies: Baptist Contributions, published
by Peter Lang, of Bern, Switzerland.
Scholar in Residence, Canadian Chapter of the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy
Director, MacNeill Lay School of Theology, Hamilton, Ontario.

Courses taught
Hebrew 2A6Hebrew Grammar and Syntax, an Introduction.
Hebrew 3A6Readings from selected Ancient Hebrew Texts
Greek 2B6Readings from Koine Greek Texts
OT1A3Introduction to the Old Testament
OT2A3The Prophetic Tradition
OT2B3Old Testament Theology
OT/NT2E3The Geography and Archaeology of the Holy Land.
OT/NT2Z3History of Biblical Interpretation

RS2D6The World of the Old Testament
DM7133 Trends and Prospects in Biblical Interpretation
EngSocY2a6 Technology and Society. Taught at the invitation of the Engineering Faculty of McMaster University, Hamilton. 1993-1995, 1999-2000
Also: Graduate seminars in Religious Studies, McMaster University.
I was responsible for the entire Old Testament curriculum (undergraduate and graduate programmes) at IBTS, Prague.
Courses I have taught at IBTS include:
Old Testament Pro-Seminar/Exegetical Methods
Introduction to the Old Testament
Seminar in Old Testament Ethics - the problem of violence
Seminar in Old Testament - Readings in the History of Ancient Israel/Judah
Exegetical courses (Hebrew Text) - Joshua, 2 Kings
Exposition course (English Text) - Joshua
Old Testament Perspectives
Old Testament Theology
Old Testament Prophecy

I have also taught courses in New Testament Greek, New Testament Theology and New Testament Exegesis as a sabbatical replacement. I have also supervised theses and dissertations at the M.Div., M.A., M.Th. and Ph.D. level.

Committee Memberships
1973-1979Member of Social Concerns Committee, BCOQ. Vice-Chair 1977-1979
1975-1980Member of Study Commission on Doctrine and Inter-church Co-operation, BWA.
1976Baptist Representative on Task Force for the Abolition of Capital Punishment, Canadian Council of Churches.
1976-1978Secretary, McMaster Divinity College Search Committee.
Since 1977Chair, Academic Awards Committee, McMaster Divinity College.
1980-1981Consultant to Pictorial Archive (Near east), Jerusalem.
1981-1984Member of Senate, McMaster University
Member of sub-committee on ceremonials
Member of sub-committee on human rights,
1984-1986Member of Task Force on preparation of This We Believe, BCOQ.
1984-1988Chair of Committee on Feasibility of School of Mission and Evangelism, McMaster Divinity College.
1985-1990Member of Commission on Theological Education, BWA.
1985-1988Consultant to BCOQ Department of Ministry on Standards for Ordination.
Since 1989Member of Search Committee, McMaster Divinity College.
1991-Chair, Financial Aid Committee, McMaster Divinity College.
1993-Chair, Biblical Studies Division, McMaster Divinity College.
1993-1995Member of Arts Library Users Committee, McMaster University.
1999 Member of the Board of Directors, and Theological Advisor to the College of Pastoral Care and Psychotherapy, Canadian Chapter.
1997 - Member of the Steering Committee, The Gathering of Baptists.
1997- Editor of the Gathering Newsletter.

While at McMaster I have initiated several important projects which have added considerably to the life and work of the College. In 1973 negotiations began under my direction to develop a 'Holy Land' element to the teaching of Biblical Studies. This resulted in the launching of course OT/NT2E3 and the successful completion of nine Study Tours to the Middle East since 1974. The course and the tour are supported by a resource centre of which I am the director.
Following my suggestion in 1984, the College launched a successful new degree programme in Lay Theological Education, The Master of Theological Studies.Also at my suggestion, the College began to develop a programme in studies in Mission and Evangelism. The work for this over seven years culminated in 1990 with the opening of the Centre for Mission and Evangelism at the College, with two full-time Faculty members.
I have been a member of MacNeill Baptist Church, Hamilton, since 1970, and have served that congregation as a choir member, deacon, member of the pulpit committee, the board of Christian Education, chair of management, and as Moderator of the congregation. I have also begun the MacNeill Lay School of Theology.
While in Prague I attended the Czech Baptist congregation at Na Topolce, Prague, and was active in its worship and education programme.
My hobbies are Choral Music, Reading, Military History, Model making, and Sailing.


Dr. Bruce J. Malina Rev. Dr. P. Kenneth Jackson
Department of Theology 33 Mayfair Avenue
Creighton University Dundas, ON L9H 3K7
Omaha, NE 68178 Canada
malina@creighton.edu kjackson@torhosp.toronto.on.ca

Dr. Kent Blevins
Associate Professor of Theological Ethics at Gardner Webb University,
PO Box 7252,
Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017,
USA. kblevins@shelby.net
Former: Academic Co-ordinator, and Co-President
International Baptist Theological Seminary
164 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic

Dr. Jackson is a former colleague at McMaster Divinity College, and currently Co-ordinating Chaplain at the Toronto Hospitals.