Welch Regiment 02
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The cap badges of the Welch Regiment are of three kinds, bi-metal (silver and brass), brass or blackened brass/bronze. The single metal badges were officers’ badges, and the bi-metal worn by other ranks. The brass badge was issued during the First World War as an ‘economy’ issue. The badge of the Welch Regiment is composed of the crest of HRH. Prince of Wales,
with three ostrich feathers inserted into a prince’s crown, and the scroll inscribed with
the motto of HRH Prince of Wales, ‘Ich dien’ (‘I serve’). Underneath this is a second scroll with the words ‘The Welsh’ or ‘The Welch’
The difference in spelling from ‘Welsh’ to ‘Welch’ came about through an order issued in April 1920, allowing the spelling with a ‘c’. It is quite probable that the custom of using the ‘c’ in the word was widespread before this date. The 16th , City of Cardiff, Battalion, raised during WW1 were using the spelling of ‘Welch’ on their shoulder titles several years before it became official.

Upper Left: Bi-Metal Cap Badge for ORs, pre-1920
Upper Right: Bi-Metal Cap Badge for ORs, post-1920
Lower Right: Blackened Cap Badge, Officers, pre-1920
Lower Left: Brass, economy issue Cap Badge for ORs, pre-1920